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AT EVENTS is an ultimate full-service design company providing a wide range of inventory that can be customized to incorporate current styles and trends with colors, linens, furnishings, and all other items while staying in the line with your budget. Initial consultations are complimentary and by appointment only in order to give our clients the full attention they deserve.

Good brands build good companies. Good brands have to be impactful, expressive and elicit the big promise of the company. Above all, good brands should allow companies to stand out amongst the multitude of companies in the marketplace. At AT EVENTS GROUP, we provide our customers with new insights on how they can adopt a visually consistent brand design identity. We specialise in providing branding design consultation and a full suite of design services to aid companies in establishing a visual brand identity across both digital and printed communications.

We are committed to giving value to your brand. We understand the importance of visual communications in your brand logo and take pride in creating the core meaning on the designs. We value being on the long-term journey of brand building with our clients to make it happen.

Branding is BIG BUSINESS. It’s not just about how your logo looks, or how your brand name sounds. It is about building an emotion that people perceive, feel and associate with your brand. Your brand entails your company’s reputation, culture and promise – and this has to be communicated to people over time to create brand identity shouts out to their senses.

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Large Format Event Branding
Event Design Concept
Event Design Collaterals
3D Visualisation

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